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Chandler and “Kerryarc Visalia de Californio”

Irish Wolfhound

Longtime Platinum Performance clients, the Tyler Family, of Lake Camanche, California, are veterans on the Irish Wolfhound show circuit. Their ranch, Kerryarc, is home to generations of champion Irish Wolfhounds that the Tylers have bred and shown. One of their latest achievements is proof of the success of their passion. Group winning Champion Kerryarc Visalia de Californio won Specialty Best in Show at the Irish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast July 2011.

“Breeding, owning and showing Irish Wolfhounds is not only our passion, it is our lifestyle. We put a tremendous amount of time into feeding, training, exercising and grooming every day. It’s essential as breeders of Kerryarc Irish Wolfhounds to monitor our dogs’ health and happiness on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Our big deal is health, health, health and happy puppies. That’s why Platinum Performance is a crucial part of the Kerryarc program. Platinum is fed twice daily to all Kerryarc dogs, including the stud dogs, bitches, puppies and veterans. From the time our puppies start to eat, they get Platinum. Even in gestation, our puppies are receiving it. Platinum is essential for our Wolfhounds but especially our puppies because of the fast rate they put on bone and their joints grow. We see a difference in their brilliance, their overall appearance and general good health.”

Tater, mixed breed

Linda and “Tater”

“Our dog, Tater, was miserable. She is part chocolate lab and part Australian Shepard (and part knuckle head). But she was constantly chewing on her paws. I tried changing dog food but no change in…
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Sissy, shepherd/boxer mix

Nancy and “Sissy”

“Sissy was a long term shelter dog who had even been to Nevada State Prison to become more adoptable. When I got her, they said she was 8.  I took her to the vet for…
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Drifter, rescue pit-cross

Cody and “Drifter”

“Drifter is a 2 year old Pit Bull cross. Lovingly referred to as a “pocket pit” because he weights in at a small but mighty 40 lbs. He goes backpacking (carries his own pack) and…
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Rhonda and Tiny

Rhonda and “Tiny”

I have two Danes and a shepherd and I started all of them on Platinum Performance! …